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Short cuts Nº 19: Excluding hidden text from being imported into Transit

Do you often have huge Excel or Power Point files in which not everything needs to be translated? For example, consider that you have an Excel file with a lot of hidden columns and you are required to translate only the … Continue reading

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STAR Campus – Software for anywhere

How can I use Transit to localize software? Traditionally, CATs (computer assisted translation tools) were used for the translation of documentation, i.e. content created with word-processing or DTP applications. For the translation of software strings, other tools were developed, the … Continue reading

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STAR Campus – Fishing the Babel Fish

What can machine translation do for me? In the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, the Babel fish is a small creature that you put in your ear to instantly understand anything that is said to you, in any … Continue reading

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STAR Campus – Webinar about Fuzzy Matches

What’s all this fuzz about? (Please keep on reading!) Approximate string matching or “fuzzy matching”  is the technique of finding character strings that match another character string approximately rather than exactly. To establish the fuzzy match percentage, i.e. the difference … Continue reading

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Transit NXT and FrameMaker

There’s life in the old dogs yet Adobe FrameMaker is a software application for creating, managing and publishing large and complex technical publications, including structured documents. First released in 1986, there have been rumours repeatedly circulated that FrameMaker development would … Continue reading

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Flex NXT to the max

Customising the system environment for Transit NXT One of the strengths of Transit is its flexibility. There are literally thousands of ways to customise Transit NXT to suit your type of work, your personal preferences or your system environment. In … Continue reading

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Transit NXT Webinars in English and Spanish

In the Transit NXT User Group in LinkedIn, somebody posted the question if the STAR Campus webinars were recorded and accessible somewhere. Unfortunately, the first webinars could not be recorded but Support is thinking about recording the upcoming webinars to … Continue reading

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