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New Pretranslation options with Service Pack 7

Transit NXT offers a wide range of pretranslation options. The new Service Pack 7 brings two additional pretranslation options in order to achieve more efficiency and accuracy during pretranslation. As a project manager, you can optimize on the reference material … Continue reading

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Filtering segments in Transit NXT

The segment filter in Transit NXT is a very handy feature that allows you to show or hide subsets of a document. As a translator, for example, you can display only the segments with a very high fuzzy match value … Continue reading

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Short cut Nº 4: Entering and using notes for a segment

Notes is a very useful and practical feature provided by Transit NXT. As a project manager, you can enter notes in the “Source” field of the Notes window to draw the translator’s attention on particular segments. And as a translator, … Continue reading

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