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Dual Concordance search in Transit NXT

In this tooltip we will see how to use the Dual Concordance search feature offered by Transit NXT. This feature is extremely useful for translators as it provides a wide variety of options to search for a specific term or … Continue reading

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Revising with the internal repetitions mode

In the tooltip about Translating with the internal repetitions mode we explained how to achieve segment-level consistency during translation, i.e. how to translate internal repetitions consistently throughout an entire publication. In this tool tip, we will see how this consistency … Continue reading

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Special edition, special edition: The Transit Quick Guide !

Special edition, special edition: The Transit Quick Guide ! Fresh from the print press and a MUST for Transit freshers! There is a new manual available for download from the Download area (Downloads | Transit & TermStar NXT | Technical … Continue reading

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Including terminology in language variants when packing projects

Welcome to a new tooltip about Transit NXT. This one is specially addressed to project managers, who are the ones likely to be confronted with the issue explained here. Let’s say you have a new project, to translate some documents … Continue reading

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