What is a CAT tool?

This is an article from our blog Globalízate that explains the basics of computer assisted translation and the typical features of a CAT tool. This is more for beginners or users that are new to this technology, but I hope you find it interesting anyway: https://goo.gl/WMf5JDCAT Tool

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Importing IATE Terminology into TermStar

If you have been waiting eagerly for our second blog post about how to import the EU´s inter-institutional terminology database into TermStar, STAR’s computer-assisted terminology management tool, here it is: https://goo.gl/xDxtQu.

Read on and find out how to use the EU terminology from within Transit NXT, your favourite translation environment tool.

Import IATE terminology into TermStar

Importing IATE terminology into TermStar

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Importing IATE Terminology into TermStar

Wouldn’t it be great to import the IATE Terminology of a given field into TermStar to have it at your fingertips while translating in Transit NXT? If you think that’s cool, read our article about it (first of a two-part post) on our Transit NXT tooltips blog: https://goo.gl/vZYDvb

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Using the segment comment feature

Our new tooltip is about one of the features I love, the segment comment feature. It has been part of Transit since the very beginning but has improved enormously over the time. Helps translators and PMs to communicate on the spot, without resorting to other tools, is a great learning aide, and much more.  Read all about it here: https://goo.gl/TPZz74.

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Update to Transit NXT SP9

Leave the post-holiday blues behind and kick-start work with an update of Transit NXT Service Pack 9. Read all about it here: https://goo.gl/25xZd5.

Update of Transit Service Pack 9

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Translate Adobe FrameMaker files in Transit NXT

STAR recently released the latest version of its FrameMaker plug-in FMGate. FMGate is the best way to convert FrameMaker files and complete books into the Maker Interchange Format (MIF) and to prepare them for import in Transit NXT. Read all about it in our latest tool tip blog about how to translate Adobe FrameMaker files in Transit NXT.

P.S. Let me recommend that you also read the related blog articles that are linked in the post. :-) Enjoy !

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How do I create my own dictionary in TermStar

STAR Campus Beginners’ Webinar




The next free beginners’ webinar in the STAR Campus series is about terminology work with TermStar, STAR’s powerful and yet easy-to-use terminology management tool. Register now and enjoy!

More information about the webinar and about how to register a the following link:


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