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And the winner is… (2 of 2)

Welcome to the second post about the survey we organised about a month ago. In our last post about the poll, we commented on the priorities that users assigned to the different options we had suggested. This one will be … Continue reading

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And the winner is… (1 of 2)

On the 6th of march, we published our first poll to ask users what features they would like to see most in new Service Packs or versions of Transit NXT. The feedback was great and we would like to say … Continue reading

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Translation Technology: What’s there and we don’t know it

Some of you might have participated in the eCPD webinar series “Translation Technology — What’s Missing and What Has Gone Wrong” presented by Jost Zetsche. During the first webinar, Jost Zetsche compiled a kind of wish list based on the … Continue reading

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What happens in Böblingen . . .

…changes the face of the translation world! At least this might be the conclusion the reader could arrive at, having read the following article. The piece is an authorized reprint of an identically named article about Transit NXT that appeared … Continue reading

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Working with subtitles in Transit NXT

With Service Pack 7, Transit NXT offers the option to translate subtitles for films, corporate videos and presentations. Traditionally subtitling has fallen outside of the scope of translation memory packages, perhaps as it was thought to be too creative a … Continue reading

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Maximize TM leverage – Pretranslate without source files

Did you know that you can re-import and pretranslate files in Transit NXT without the original files? It is one of many unique features in Transit and it allows you to maximize the leverage of your translation memory. This tool … Continue reading

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Special edition, special edition: The Transit Quick Guide !

Special edition, special edition: The Transit Quick Guide ! Fresh from the print press and a MUST for Transit freshers! There is a new manual available for download from the Download area (Downloads | Transit & TermStar NXT | Technical … Continue reading

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