New file formats in Transit NXT

With the new Service Pack 9, Transit supports a series of new files formats. Please find the information about the new formats you can work with in our latest blog post:

New file formats in Transit NXT


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Checking for translation variants and source language variants

Cleaner translation memoryChecking for translation variants

Our latest blog post is about the most important new feature of Transit NXT’s new Service Pack, and it is of interest for translators, project managers and translation clients alike: Check and eliminate translation variants. The functionality helps you to make your translation memory more consistent, and as a result, you can automatically pretranslate more, and with more confidence.

Checking for variants in the source language

But there’s more to the new variant checking feature in Transit NXT than just checking translation variants. You can now also check the source language for variants and thus improve the consistency and quality of the source plus reduce translation costs.

Please find the blog here:


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New features of Service Pack 9

Free webinar about the new features that come along with Service Pack 9, the new version of Transit NXT, STAR’s computer assisted translation environment. Enjoy:

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All the information at a glance

This is the first in a series of blog posts about new features in Transit NXT’s translation editor. The new status bar now shows even more information about the current segment, cursor position, length restriction etc. You will find the new blog here: Translate with Transit NXT

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Before you upgrade to Windows 10!

When you upgrade to Windows 10, you’d better pick the right options if you do not want to be surprised by unexpected outcomes. Check it our here: 10 upgrade problems

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Transit NXT webinars on Youtube

Dear Transiteers,

STAR Campus Transit NXT webinarsThe STAR Campus hands-on webinars about specific features and functionalities of Transit NXT are regularly uploaded to the STAR Channel on Youtube. Recently, three more webinars have been uploaded and are available for you to watch. You can find the corresponding information and links here:

¡ Enjoy !

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Transferring terms from the dictionary

This is an updated version of a post published a while ago that explains how to use simple key combinations to insert terminology while translating. Saves times, avoids typos and boosts your translation productivity. Not to miss:

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