Short cuts Nº 19: Excluding hidden text from being imported into Transit

Do you often have huge Excel or Power Point files in which not everything needs to be translated? For example, consider that you have an Excel file with a lot of hidden columns and you are required to translate only the text that is not hidden. Usually, you would have to copy those columns to a separate file and save it and import it into a CAT tool. After translation, you have to copy the translated text back into the original file. This is not only time consuming, but could also lead to some data being missed out during the entire process. With Transit NXT, you don’t have to worry about this because Transit takes care of importing only the text you are required to translate and keeps everything else untouched.

Let’s say that you have already received a file with hidden cells from the client. While importing this file into Transit, you just have to mark one simple and straightforward option for avoiding the hidden data to be imported into your project as described below.

Step 1: Start creating the project in Transit and go on till you reach the File type window. Then select the appropriate filter (filter for MS Office files in this case) and then click the Options button.

Step 2: From the File type settings window, uncheck the Translate hidden cells/slides option if you do not want to import hidden data. This option is checked by default.

Now finish creating the project by selecting the appropriate settings and import the file. Then open the imported language pair from Project > Open language pair and you will only see the unhidden cells.

All the above steps are shown in the following figure:

File import options

File import options

You can also Hide/Unhide cells manually from an Excel sheet. For this, select the columns you wish to Hide/Unhide and select the Hide/Unhide option from the contextual menu by right clicking on them.

The File type settings can now also be accessed from the Project > Processing > Import project window as seen in the figure below so that you can do this even after creating the project, just before importing it.

File type settings

File type settings

The same is applicable to hidden Power Point slides. This function is available for MS Office, Excel and OpenOffice/LibreOffice/OpenDocument projects.

This feature therefore helps you save a lot of time and avoid any manual work or loss of data during the translation process. Transit will do everything for you and you just have to translate.

Do try out this useful feature and let us know if you have any questions or comments. We’ll see you soon again with another interesting and useful tip.

Please note that this is the last post here. The entire blog has been moved to a new location, where you will be able to browse it and consult it just like you do now.  Stay tuned!

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