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STAR Campus – Unpack and get going

What is included in my project package? To ensure that translators can work well and efficiently, they require as much information as possible: Reference material for fuzzy matches, dictionaries with terminology, PDF files of the original document, etc. For this, … Continue reading

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Indesign CC files in Transit NXT

With the latest update for Service Pack 7, you can translate InDesign CC files in Transit NXT. For data exchange with Transit, new InDesign Gate plug-ins are available for InDesign CC (Mac and Windows). The new InDesign Gate plug-ins and … Continue reading

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Open at heart – Terminology exchange formats in TermStar NXT

Export TermStar dictionaries into different formats TermStar, the terminology management component of Transit NXT, is extremely flexible and open when it comes to importing or exporting terminology. It supports multiple exchange formats and simplifies the import / export routines as … Continue reading

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Transit NXT meets machine translation – nº 2

Editor MT Welcome to our second post about Transit NXT and machine translation. This post is about Transit’s “Editor MT” and it is relevant for translators / MT editors,  reviewers and project managers alike. Translators will see how they can … Continue reading

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Short cuts – Nº 16 : Import options – importing specific paragraph styles

The import option that we will see today is very useful for project managers. Imagine you’ve received a huge file from a client, but are asked to translate only some parts of it. You might consider the option of copying … Continue reading

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Multi-directional translation memory

Variations on TM In a recent post about new pretranslation options, we mentioned the fact that Transit NXT is the only TEnT that can create multi-directional translation memories. In practice, this feature means that, for example, a multilingual project with … Continue reading

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Short cuts – Nº 15 : New options for converting language pairs to the standard TMX file format

In one of the tooltips, we learnt how to convert language pairs into the standard TMX format. The new Service Pack includes the following additional useful features for this conversion process. These new features give you added productivity, more efficiency … Continue reading

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