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Open at heart – Terminology exchange formats in TermStar NXT

Export TermStar dictionaries into different formats TermStar, the terminology management component of Transit NXT, is extremely flexible and open when it comes to importing or exporting terminology. It supports multiple exchange formats and simplifies the import / export routines as … Continue reading

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What happens in Böblingen . . .

…changes the face of the translation world! At least this might be the conclusion the reader could arrive at, having read the following article. The piece is an authorized reprint of an identically named article about Transit NXT that appeared … Continue reading

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New terminology extraction in Transit NXT (2 of 2)

Noise and silence In a recent article about terminology extraction, Uwe Muegge states that “the two biggest issues with terminology extraction tools are noise (invalid term candidates) and silence (i.e., missing legitimate term candidates)”. He goes on to say that … Continue reading

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New terminology extraction in Transit NXT (1 of 2)

The new terminology extraction in Transit NXT’s latest Service Pack is a quantum leap to what had been there before. We will therefore dedicate two subsequent tooltips to this new feature and will explain the most important additions and advantages … Continue reading

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Dual Concordance search in Transit NXT

In this tooltip we will see how to use the Dual Concordance search feature offered by Transit NXT. This feature is extremely useful for translators as it provides a wide variety of options to search for a specific term or … Continue reading

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Short cuts – Nº 3: Changing case while inserting terms from the dictionary

We are back again with another set of very useful shortcuts!! This time we will see some shortcuts that can be used while translating with dictionaries. You might be aware of the shortcut for inserting a term in the translation … Continue reading

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Resource editing in Transit NXT

Did you know that with Transit NXT, in addition to text, tagged text, word processing, and DTP formats, you can also translate software and binary software resources? Imported source formats The following resource format filters are part of the Transit … Continue reading

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