Translation Technology: What’s there and we don’t know it

Some of you might have participated in the eCPD webinar series “Translation Technology — What’s Missing and What Has Gone Wrong” presented by Jost Zetsche. During the first webinar, Jost Zetsche compiled a kind of wish list based on the requests for features of CAT users. He then passed on the long list of proposals to more than 20 translation technology vendors. The responses of the vendors were then presented in a second webinar, “Translation Technology – How can we plug the gaps and fix what’s wrong?”.


STAR responded extensively to the wish list sent by Jost. In summary, and in all modesty, one can say that a large number of the requests on the list were already well-known features for experienced Transit users. This might have to do with the fact that Transit has been and still is a translation tool created by translators. The continuous feedback of translators, terminologists, localizers and project managers have always traced the guiding lines for our development. The webinar also reminded us how important it is to adequately inform users about the comprehensive possibilities Transit NXT offers. We hope that we can close at least some of the information gaps with our blog. Last and most importantly, we once again confirmed how important it is to listen to users.

Tell us what you want

Listen to users: that is the intention of the poll that we invite you to in this post. We present you with a list of features that we have distilled out of the above-mentioned webinars, Transit as well as other CAT tools’ users input. You can choose several answers but there is a limit, so you have to prioritize. You can also add your own request for feature if it is not part of the list.

As always, we would love to receive your comments and suggestions, about this post in particular and about the Transit/TermStar NXT blog in general.

Our special thanks to Karen Ellis for reviewing this post.

P.S. This poll will be on for one month to give as many readers as possible the opportunity to vote and express their opinion. Once the poll has concluded, we will offer a summary of the results and publish them on this blog. Thank you for participating!


About Michael Scholand

GILT professional with over 15 years experience in technical translation, business software and games localization. CEO and founder of STAR Servicios Lingüísticos. CAT tools and Translation Management Systems expert.
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7 Responses to Translation Technology: What’s there and we don’t know it

  1. Sandra Nekkebroeck says:

    Item 1 of my wishlist:
    While running terminology check, I want Transit NXT to report missing target terms (= no term existing in the dictionary for the target language, just for the source language), as Transit XV did.

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  4. Margaret says:

    Transit/Termstar tells me a word is already present in a dictionary, but it does this even if the target term is different. I want it to tell me if source and target term are both present, so I don’t need to record it again.

    • In Transit’s translation editor, you will see the terms TermStar finds in the source language together with its target equivalents (if they exist) in the terminology window. If the term used in the target language differs from the target term in TermStar, there are three possibilities: 1) a translation error or wrong term used, i.e. you would need to correct the error and use the term that is in the dictionary. 2) The term used in the target language is a licit synonym, i.e. you might want to introduce it as such in TermStar. 3) The term found in the source language is a homograph to one that is in the dictionary but has a different meaning, i.e. you would have to create another data record (concept) in TermStar, with its corresponding source and target language equivalents.

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