Special edition: Transit NXT Service Pack 7 is here !

The long awaited Transit NXT Service Pack 7 is released ! It comes packed  with a host of new features, modules, filters and improvements.

To treat all the novelties in one blog post would be impossible. So, in this post, we offer you a summary of all the new stuff that you will encounter in what might righteously be called the “new version” of Transit NXT. Remember, most of these new features and improvements are free of charge, so you better hurry and download the SP7 from the link we provide down below.

New features and improvements in Transit NXT

  • Audiovisual translators, heads up! Transit now is also a subtitling tool! A subtitling tool with translation memory and terminology support that is. The next blog post will be precisely about this exciting new feature.
  • The expanded and configurable machine translation interface supports not only web-based services like Google Translate and iTranslate but also trained MT systems.
  • Microsoft spell check dictionaries are now used, supplementing the existing Myspell- or translation-memory-based spell check functions.
  • Numerous other new features, such as selective import of Excel cells and PowerPoint slides, translation of footnotes and indices in full context and combined statistical analysis of multilingual translation projects, are designed to assist project managers and translators alike.
  • The list of supported file formats has again been expanded, with OpenOffice, LibreOffice and other OpenDocument formats added.

New features and improvements in TermStar

The built-in terminology management system TermStar is also more powerful than ever:

  • Morphological search has been expanded to more than 15 languages.
  • Optimized terminology extraction now allows easy extraction of compound words.
  • Additional entry types and fields create new opportunities and are fully supported by the proven online terminology management system WebTerm6.x.

So much for the summary. Click here to find more detailed information about all the new features of Transit NXT Service Pack 7, as well as documentation about versions, installation types and licensing models.

Make sure you stay tuned and don’t miss our next posts, because from now on, in addition to our usual Short Cuts, we will dedicate the next posts exclusively to the new features to help you to get to know and make the most out of them.


[19-02-2014 ] Here are the posts we have published so far about Service Pack 7:

About Michael Scholand

GILT professional with over 15 years experience in technical translation, business software and games localization. CEO and founder of STAR Servicios Lingüísticos. CAT tools and Translation Management Systems expert.
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