Short cuts – Nº 6 : Inserting markups in the Transit NXT editor ‘on the fly’

Working with markup ID’s can be quite tedious especially if the segments have a lot of markups. And it is not possible to avoid markups because if they are not inserted correctly, you may not be able to export your file. Therefore markups require special care while translation. Let’s first understand what a markup ID is.

During import, Transit NXT separates the formatting information from the text and inserts so-called markups in the text in place of the formatting information. A markup ID is a number that is assigned to a markup which in turn represents formatting information like bold, italics, etc. The following figure shows the markup ID’s corresponding to bold and italics along with the Markup window that provides basic information about the markups in an active segment. <b> represents bold and <i> represents italics as you can see in the Markup window. You can get this window by using the ALT + 7  key combination.

Markup ID's and Markup window

Markup ID’s and Markup window

A footnote or a hyperlink may also be represented as a markup. While exporting a translated document, Transit NXT replaces the markups again with the corresponding formatting information.

The following shortcuts are quite handy while translating a file with segments containing complex markups:

  • Show or hide markup IDs in the active window: F6
  • Start markup mode for the current segment: F9
  • Start markup mode for all segments that contain markups: SHIFT + F9
  • Start markup mode for all segments in which target language markups are missing: CTRL+F9
  • Assign current markup (the cursor jumps to the next markup): F11
  • Go to the next markup without assigning the current markup: SHIFT + F11
  • Assign the markup corresponding to the ID number: CTRL + Markup ID + Right arrow key
  • Delete markup: CTRL + Markup ID+DEL

I hope this tooltip was useful. Do try out these shortcuts and let me know if you need any more related shortcuts.

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