Short cuts – Nº 3: Changing case while inserting terms from the dictionary

We are back again with another set of very useful shortcuts!! This time we will see some shortcuts that can be used while translating with dictionaries. You might be aware of the shortcut for inserting a term in the translation (see also Transferring terms from the dictionary), but did you know that you could also invert the case of the dictionary entry while inserting or replacing it in the translation?

Let’s anyways see all the different shortcuts used for inserting or replacing terms into the translation.

  • ALT + T – replace a word with its (first) translation from the dictionary.
  • ALT+SHIFT+T – replace a word with its (first) translation from the dictionary and invert case.
  • ALT+K, <letter> – select a term to replace where there are several dictionary suggestions. <letter> here refers to the letter which is in front of the particular term in the dictionary window.
  • ALT+K, SHIFT+<letter> – select a term to replace a word when there are several dictionary suggestions and change case.
  • ALT+G, <letter> – insert a translation from the dictionary without replacing a word.
  • ALT+G, SHIFT+<letter> – insert translation from the dictionary, without replacing, and change case.

That was all with Termstar NXT dictionary shortcuts. Hope this helps you save your time while translating with dictionaries.

See you soon with other useful and interesting shortcuts!

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