Revising with the internal repetitions mode

In the tooltip about Translating with the internal repetitions mode we explained how to achieve segment-level consistency during translation, i.e. how to translate internal repetitions consistently throughout an entire publication. In this tool tip, we will see how this consistency can be maintained during the revision phase. You will learn how to use the internal repetitions mode while revising, how to swiftly accept the translations of a whole group of internal repetitions or how to modify one segment and propagate that change to all the other occurrences of that same segment.

First of all, open all the language pairs of your project in global view. If your project consists of several files and you do not open all language pairs  in one single window, the internal repetition mode will not work. You can select all language pairs by clicking on the first one, then pressing Shift on the keyboard and then clicking the last one — the Open in a single window option will be chosen automatically for you.

Open all language pairs in global view
Open all language pairs in global view

Then, you have to turn on the internal repetitions review mode. Go to Review | Internal repetitions | On/Off and select the status you want to assign to the reviewed segments: Spellcheck, Check 1 or Check 2 (we have selected select Check 1 for our example).

Internal repetitions proof-reading mode 00

Now, you have the following main options.

1) You are happy with the translation of the first segment of the Internal Repetitions Group and it is correct for all the occurrences within that group, so you would like to accept the first and all subsequent translations within that group.
To do so, select Confirm. Transit marks the first and all subsequent segments of the current Internal Repetitions Group as Checked 1.

Internal repetitions proof-reading mode 01

2) You are not happy with the translation and you want to modify all the segments within one Internal Repetitions Group.
To do so, modify the first  segment of the group and then select Change & Confirm.  Transit applies the change to all subsequent segments of the current group and marks the whole group as Checked 1.

Internal repetitions proof-reading mode 02

3) You can also review all occurrences within one Internal Repetitions Group one by one and accept or change them individually by using the good old ALT+INSERT key combination. ALT+INSERT marks only the current segment as Checked 1 and jumps to the next segment within the same Internal Repetitions Group or to the first segment of the next group.

There is yet another option for the Internal Repetitions Review Mode,  namely “Retain Status“, but as they say, sometimes less is more, so let’s keep it that way here.

It may take some time and effort to command the rich combinatorics of Confirm, Change & Confirm, ALT+INSERT and Retain Status. But once mastered, it will provide you with a wide array of options that allow you to carry out the review of internal repetitions adequately and efficiently at the same time.

Please leave your comments about this tool tip and let us know your suggestions for new ones. Make sure you stay tuned and don’t miss our forthcoming posts: there will be more about QA features in Transit NXT and we hope to be able to present you with sneak previews at some of the brand new features of Service Pack 7, bound to be launched in the not too distant future.

A special thanks to Gerald Dennet for revising this post.

About Michael Scholand

GILT professional with over 15 years experience in technical translation, business software and games localization. CEO and founder of STAR Servicios Lingüísticos. CAT tools and Translation Management Systems expert.
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