Use reference material for another language variant

Hi there, welcome to a new tooltip about Transit NXT. If you manage projects in different language variants in Transit NXT, you might be interested in what follows. Imagine we have done some translations for the language combination, say, ESP->ENG (from Spanish into British English), and therefore we have some reference material (language pairs) in that combination. Now we have a project for a different language combination, but not so different: ESP->ENU (that is, into US English).

For Transit NXT, however, that is different enough, as it will treat language variants (as ENU vs ENG) as different languages altogether, as far as reference segments are concerned. If you added the ESP-ENG language pair as reference material to a ESP-ENU project you would not get any perfect or fuzzy matches coming from that file.

But not all is lost. The only trace that Transit NXT has of the language of a file is the file’s extension, meaning that all you need to do to convince Transit NXT that file, say, SHI391.ENU should be considered when searching for matches in a ESP-ENG project is to change its extension to .ENG (i.e. SHI391.ENG) before Transit NXT indexes all reference material files. Voilà!

Changing a file's extension

Changing a file’s extension

You can do so manually, as in the screenshot above, or you could use multi-rename tool such as the one found in Total Commander (see picture below). You could even use a regex renamer such as the, er, RegexRenamer.

Total Commander's multi-rename tool

Total Commander’s multi-rename tool

Beware, however. The higher TM leverage achieved should be compensated by additional QA, such as a thorough revision by an in-house reviewer to ensure that no interferences from the original language variant remain in the final translation.

And that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks about Transit NXT. Special thanks to Karen Ellis for reviewing this post.


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One Response to Use reference material for another language variant

  1. Nice tip! Didn’t think it would have been as simple as renaming the extension. Thanks for this nice and easy tip!

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