Where to find information about Transit/TermStar NXT

Hi there! Today’s post is going to be different, and not exactly a tooltip. I would like to make readers aware of the various resources out there about Transit/TermStar NXT, either on social networks or more classical help forums, discussion boards and mailing lists on sites for translators.

There are Transit NXT profiles/accounts in some social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. They are used to post some short recommendations about the tool and also to refer to new tooltips as they are published in this blog, so you might follow, connect, subscribe or interact with them in the manner of your choice. So if you follow, say, @transitnxt in Twitter, you’ll be notified about the blog’s activity, among other things, and you would be very welcome to retweet @transitnxt messages!

If you need help with an issue you have in Transit/TermStar NXT, hiring the official support is of course the best guarantee to receive troubleshooting assistance. However, if you haven’t, there are other non-official options on the web you can resort to: there is an interesting Transit NXT Users Group in LinkedIn, there is a Transit NXT support forum in Proz.com, and Yahoo! groups hosts a Transit/TermStar discussion list. In the three of them, both beginners and advanced users share their knowledge and concerns.

Do you know any other resource we could add to the list? If so, just leave a comment.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the next tooltip about using TMX files. Stay tuned!


About Manuel Souto Pico

Linguist and translation technologist. Google profile.
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